My Body, My Business

I am beautiful, I am autonomous. Each time I get out of the
shower, I stand in front of the mirror admiring its reflection. My body is mine and
it does not ask for an opinion because it is not wrong. A cropped jacket exposes my midriff because I want it to, not because it is seeking your validation.
I put on a full bodysuit to seduce myself because I am sexy and love myself
first and foremost. Being in tune with my values makes me a woman that owns her
presence with mindfulness, not with permission from others. The space that I
occupy in this world is sacred – it does not exist because a gender role allowed it to

I am independent and in control of my future, paving my own path when others
say there isn’t a way to get things done. I don’t sit like a lady because I come with
my own set of values and I sit however I want. I break the rules because I have
learned to appreciate the unconventionality that fuels my personality on my daily
Ladies, break free from society’s expectations because your worth is based on the guidelines you define. Your body is yours and not the property of others.