CAUTION: Fitness Fashion For The Bold

The future in Fitness Fashion is here and Matte’s Fitness Collection is leading the way. The days are a little longer now and the weather is giving us the right amount of sunshine to hop off the treadmill and run in the wild. With an unrivaled style in today’s market and a comfortable fit, The Caution Fitness Collection is not just an addition to your workout gear – but a collection that will set the standard of your workout wardrobe that will turn heads on your run or hike.
The Caution Fitness Tee in White cuts diagonally exposing the left shoulder, giving you a striking look while enjoying more breathability for cooler workouts. The Caution Fitness Leggings in White stretch perfectly, helping to sculpt your legs as you strut on the city’s catwalk. With great fabric coverage, protecting you from undergarment spillage, these leggings will also provide you with maximum support and comfort during high-intensity interval training or studio exercises.

Activewear has come a long way, no longer being clothes that are reserved for the gym. This new era in versatility is called Athleisure, known for activewear designed to crossover into the school, office, and other social settings. Pairing the Caution Fitness Tee with the Caution Fitness Leggings creates the most audacious fitness suit that will have people asking where you’re going and if they can come along.

Flattering and functional, Matte’s Fitness Collection will highlight your curves and
muscles one bold fashion statement at a time.