How to Wash Your Workout Clothes

The fabric that makes workout clothes supportive and stretchy, like our Caution Fitness Collection, is different from your regular clothes and therefore should not be washed the same way.

This fabric does not react well to detergent and fabric softener, making it vulnerable to damage if you’re not careful.

The problem with detergent is the extra amount that we add into the wash thinking it is the correct thing to do in order to wash the stinkiness away. What we don’t realize is that washing machines have a set cycle that can only handle a specific amount of detergent, with the remaining staying on your clothes as it doesn’t get washed out by the machine. The extra detergent then traps the dead skin which makes it perfect for fungus to develop.

Softeners are also the enemy of workout clothes because they ruin the stretchy fabric and leave a thin layer on your gear that is hard to clean afterwards. They also trap in odor!

A better way to care for your work out clothes is to add a cup of distilled white vinegar in cold water and throwing in your workout clothes to soak for 15 to 30 minutes. This helps to get rid of odor and breaks down debris like dead skin or gunk. After they are done soaking, toss your clothes in the washer (in cold water) and add less than the usual amount of detergent the bottle recommends.

Finally, don’t dry your workout clothes in the highest heat setting because it will ruin or shrink them. You might even want to consider air drying your clothes to play it safe.