Thriving as a Mother, Student, and Employee

Other jobs may not be so glamorous like the fashion world because you don’t see them in magazines, but they’re also demanding and soul crushing. However, being a mother while also a student and working to make ends meet, is far more impressive and admirable. Wearing these three hats can have a huge impact on your physical and mental well-being, so we’re going to talk about practical things you can do to ensure that you remain strong, focused, and on your path to success in all three of your roles.

Time management is crucial, so organize your schedules and share them with your trusted inner-circle. The best way to do this is by creating a calendar that your family and/or friends can see. Apple and Google calendars can be shared with many people. There are also plenty of calendar apps with many features that you can also download. Writing things down and holding them in front of you beats having to remember everything, every single day. Why should you share your calendar with your trusted people? Well, as a mother who is going to school while holding a job, you will need all of the help you can get. If your family can see your schedule, they will know when not to bother you and most importantly, they will know when and how they can help you.

Take advantage of school resources and communicate with your professors. Remember that you’re not alone, there are many people that would love to help you. Visit the Student Learning Center at your college early on for help on assignments or tutoring. It’s better to identify an academic problem and fix it right away than to let it spiral out of control and forcing you to drop the class because your work and kid(s) did not give you enough time to recover from a bad grade. Also, relieve your stress by using the school’s gym instead of paying for a gym membership. Most importantly, speak with your professors (preferably before the semester starts) and let them know your situation. You won’t be asking for special treatment of course, you will simply make them aware that you have a lot more on your plate than a traditional student. It’s better that professors know you might be absent due to child or work issues than having them assume you don’t care about your education and are just slacking off.

Care for yourself and seek other parents who are doing it all, just like you.

It’s crucial that you get enough sleep and take a day off to recover from the hectic week. After all, the happiness and security of your child depends on the happiness and stability of her mother. Take the moment to relax in the bath or on the couch with a fun movie. This will lower the chances of you burning out and quitting your goals. Moreover, if you make friends with other parents in your position, they will be very understanding and may lend a hand. You can also arrange to help each other out: your new friend may babysit your child while you study and take that important exam, and you can babysit for her when she has to stay longer at work. 

 Remind yourself why you’re doing this and think of the better person you’ll become when you’re educated and have secured a better position in life for you and your children. It may not be easy and you might want to quit somewhere along the road, but you’re a tough and brave woman who can (and will!) persevere. School is temporary and will be over before you know it, but the knowledge and skills you will learn will last a lifetime. Go out and get what you want!