Meet The Brains & Beauty Behind Matte Brand

Briana Shaneè Wilson, is a one-woman entrepreneur who turned her dreams into reality. When Briana was just 21 years old, living in New York City, she launched Matte — A brand with must-have basics, “The necklines are low and the fabrics are hand-picked.” Matte is inspired by Briana’s love for clothing with minimal design, femininity and comfort. Briana’s inspiration comes from her own style. “I created a line of clothes that I could see myself wearing. Before I had Matte, I was super picky with how I wanted things to fit. Since I couldn’t find anything comfortable and sexy in stores… I created it myself. My personal style is reflected in my line —The color palettes are neutral (whites, blacks, nudes and chocolates) but the designs are unconventional.”  

Matte Brand www.shopmatte.comMatte Brand White Bodysuit

Matte may specialize in crop tops, swimsuits, spandex and bodysuits but the first thing that Briana ever designed was a skirt! Believe it or not, she was out shopping with friends when she found a sheer piece of fabric and instantly fell in love with it! Briana designed a sexy mesh skirt with a sleek zipper down the back. Ta-dah the birth of Matte Brand — A day that changed everything for Briana! Instead of endlessly searching for sexy clothing that fits and flatters her body, she just designs it!

Briana Shaneè Wilson Matte Brand
Throwback to 2014 — The Original Skirt!

Briana now lives in Los Angeles, where she is surrounded by inspirational designers and friends. She loves going shopping at the vintage stores around the city in search for design inspiration. “It’s all about finding something timeless — I like to say Matte Brand dabbles in trends bet dwells in classics!”

  Matte Brand BikinisMatte Brand Sexy Bodysuits

Briana is always inspired and designing new styles!

Stay tuned for Matte Brand’s upcoming collections!