The Sexiest Valentine's Day Collection!

Briana Wilson does it again — Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Matte has dropped a Special Valentine’s Day Collection. This new collection is soft, sexy and seductive and it’s flying off the shelf. 

Matte’s NEW lace bodysuits are formfitting and sheer, leaving little to the imagination. Briana hand-picked a lace that lays beautifully on the body, while emphasizing a sexy silhouette. This luxurious collection also offers lace Dusty Pink and Ruby Red Lace Dresses that will hug your hips and leave you lusting for more. 


This special Matte collection has wandered into the seductive hues that are great for Valentine’s Day. 75% of the stock sold within 4 days of release. Even the Clermont Twins are loving it!   

The Clemson Twins Matte BrandThe Clemson Twins Matte Brand

And our Instagram fans are already raving:

“90’s baddies vibe”

“Matte Brand is money”



This Valentine’s Day Collection is ready to ship and is only available for a limited time! Don’t miss this drop, we have no plans on restocking in the near future!

Please email customer service with any questions about an order!