Matte Brand Featured As "Editor's Pick" On HYPEBAE 🔥

"I'm Buying This Affordable Lace Bodysuit by a Rising Black Designer" - is the intro to this editorial piece.

There's no better feeling than when we're written about by editors who genuinely love our brand. On Tuesday, March 19th, associate editor Robyn Mowatt published an article on HYPEBAE about her experience purchasing our Lace Full Bodysuit, and we can't get enough of what she wrote! 

In her words, "I’m an experimental shopper, and I like to put my money towards emerging designers when I can afford to. After having a debate in my head of whether or not I needed this piece, I decided I do. Not only do I love bodysuits, but I also love pieces that are skintight and can be worn in a variety of ways." 

She also wrote, "I ended up pulling the trigger on a stunning see-through Lace Full Bodysuit which I wore for my birthday festivities in New Orleans. My favorite part of it is the fact that since I’m a bit on the taller side, it would be ideal for pairing with jeans or shorts."

A big thanks goes out to HYPEBAE. You can read the full article here

And as always make sure to check out the rest of our lace collection