The Monochrome Look

I am willing to bet that you also like to plan your outfits ahead of time. You
tell yourself that during the weekend you’ll have everything laid out for Monday,
but then Monday morning comes and you’re left standing in front of your closet
frustrated at “not having anything to wear.” You yell at your wardrobe, wondering
why it’s not offering you anything good to wear - but if your wardrobe could talk,
it would be asking: “Why can’t you make up your mind?!” No wonder the late
Steve Jobs opted for only wearing black turtle necks and blue jeans, it made his life
easier and allowed him to focus on other things.

If you are tired of the same annoying Monday mornings, then you should
consider changing your style to a more monochrome look. The monochrome look,
as the name suggests, consists of choosing one tone from your wardrobe and
matching the rest of your outfit with the same hue. If it’s possible, you can even
coordinate your accessories in the same hue.

Picture this: you put on a pair of white pants, you pick out a white blouse,
and you walk out of your home with a grey jacket. This clean and light look is
perfect for school and the office. That same grey jacket can be used with black
shirt and pants, giving you a subtle yet elegant look. Monochrome, of course,
works with any other color. Perhaps you have a favorite pink cardigan, which in
turn can be paired with salmon colored pants – a monochrome look that’s cheery
and truly worthy of Spring.

Next time you find yourself in a battle with your wardrobe, remember that
you don’t necessarily need more clothes, you just need to re-think the use of